Yes, officially! Eagles' Brandon Graham returns for 15th season

Fletcher Cox is pondering retiring like Jason Kelce. But nothing will stop Brandon Graham from returning for a record 15th Eagles season. The Eagles announced Saturday morning that B.G. has extended his contract for one year.

Graham, who turns 36 next month, will become the first franchise player to play 15 seasons. Chuck Bednarik played 14 from 1949 to 1962, and Kelce, Brian Dawkins, Harold Carmichael, Bucko Kilroy, and Vic Sears played 13.

Graham has played the most games in franchise history—195 regular season and 11 postseason. He will become the second active player to play 200 games for the same team when he plays his fifth game next year. Cameron Jordan played 209 Saints games.

Graham is an effective player, a leader, mentor to younger players, and voice of reason in tough circumstances. Graham averaged 23 snaps a game last year and had 3 sacks, 6 quarterback hits, and 4 tackles for loss after setting a career-high 11 sacks and finished fourth in AP Comeback Player of the Year voting.

Graham's 73.0 sacks rank fourth in team history, behind Reggie White (124), Trenton Cole (85 ½), and Clyde Simmons (76). Cox has 70. Despite not starting until his sixth season. Graham, the 13th choice in 2010, recorded 17 sacks in his first five NFL seasons before starting to understand the game.

Graham sacked Tom Brady with 2:16 left in Super Bowl LII and the Eagles winning 38-33, one of the franchise's biggest plays. Derek Barnett returned, and the Eagles won their only Super Bowl in minutes. B.G. finally gets to play 15 years after wishing for it. On his Takeoff podcast with NBC Sports Philadelphia's John Clark this week, he said he can still contribute.

For sure, keep going another year. I still believe I can,” Graham said. “But it's a grind. I know what Kelce means, man. I know you don't always heal fully. “He plays full-time too. His case is very different from mine. I only play 20+ snaps per game. He plays most of the game's snaps because O-linemen do. I know he may have recovered more slowly than usual.”

If Cox retires, Graham and Lane Johnson will be the sole pre-2018 position players. Darius Slay, 32, and James Bradberry, 30, are the only two players in their 30s. “It’s going to be me and Lane,” Graham stated. I think Fletch is hesitant for good reason. He plays a lot and most snaps. Due of their years of high-level performance, their rehabilitation is distinct.