Three amazing stocks that have made and will make millions

A great company may develop and benefit stockholders for years. Years of high returns can make investors millionaires. Many paths lead to El Dorado, and diverse stocks can help investors acquire massive riches. These three great stocks have made investors rich and can again. Some names on this list may surprise you, but don't judge: Multiple investment strategies can pay off.

1. This growth stock is unfinished Millionaire-makers usually invest on growth. These stocks include Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN). Amazon pioneered modern e-commerce in America and now holds 38% of the market. At its IPO, $10,000 would be worth almost $18 million today.

Amazon is valued over $2 trillion. How will it make investors rich? Some things will change, but not all. Amazon is a multi-headed juggernaut with huge e-commerce, cloud computing, and streaming and advertising operations.

Essential playbook will remain. Big-picture e-commerce and cloud growth continues. America's online sales are only 15% of retail. Lots of expansion potential. Cloud computing was increasing before AI took off in 2023, and it's going to grow even more in the future years. Amazon may buyback additional shares as it matures. Amazon may buy back enough shares to boost earnings for years, generating investment returns, even as its market size slows.

2. A massive wealth builder Most Americans identify with their homes. It's often a lifetime's biggest buy and a costly investment. The American ideal of home ownership has made Home Depot (NYSE: HD) an all-time performer. The IPO of America's largest home improvement shop was worth $318 million for a $10,000 investment.

Simple business model. Professional contractors and homeowners buy tools, appliances, materials, and services from Home Depot. After existing homes are destroyed, people move, improve, remodel, and create new ones. Larger than its competitors, Home Depot may provide lower prices.

Home Depot has paid stockholders a lot of money, which boosts investment returns. Since 2000, the corporation has paid dividends and reduced its outstanding shares by 56%. Simple investment: buy and keep Home Depot. Home Depot's wealth-building strategy makes this blue chip stock as likely to reward investors over time as any. Returns will moderate as the firm grows.

3. A dividend machine with high yield Although tobacco is a dying industry, Altria Group (NYSE: MO) is one of the best-performing stocks ever. Over $326 million was made on a $10,000 Altria IPO investment. It's even more impressive considering that American smoking rates have fallen for 50 years.

Altria, which distributes Marlboro cigarettes in the US, is an unusual company that can boost prices when sales decline. American tobacco is heavily regulated, therefore Altria has limited competition. The result is a lean, lucrative corporation that pays investors a lot in dividends and share repurchases.

Altria has grown its dividend for over 50 years and pays a 9.5% yield today. Dividend King. Nothing lasts forever, and Altria will eventually need to create money in other ways besides selling cigarettes.

Altria sells electronic vapes, oral nicotine pouches, and heat-not-burn devices to generate alternative nicotine revenue. These are still being implemented but will be crucial to the organization. Monitor the situation to guarantee a seamless transition, but enjoy that big dividend in the meantime.