Record Prices at Stack's Bowers Spring Expo Auction

The Stack's Bowers Galleries Official Auction of the Whitman Coin & Collectibles 2023 Spring Expo set dozens of price records and raised over $28.5 million due to enthusiastic bidding.

The sale's top performer was a Cardinal Collection Educational Foundation-signed 1792 copper cent with a silver plug. This disputed coin sold for $576,000 after PCGS graded it MS-61 BN and CAC approved it. When it sold for $552,000., an 1854 Kellogg & Co. $20 graded MS-65 (PCGS, CAC) broke the previous record by over 60%.

Part III of the Sydney F. Martin Collection sold for over $3 million, led by a circa 1784 Ephraim Brasher (EB) Regulated Brazil 1754-B 6,400 reis that sold for $168,000. Four other objects from this session sold for six figures: a 1787 New York Excelsior copper ($144,000), a 1783 John Chalmers Ring shilling ($144,000), a 1785 Immune Columbia / Nova Constellatio copper ($114,000), and an undated (1659) Maryland Lord Baltimore denarium ($108,000).The August 2023 Global Showcase Auction and special presentations in Stack's Bowers Galleries Collectors Choice Online Auctions will continue to sell this famous cabinet.

An undated (1652) NE Shilling graded AU-50 by PCGS sold for $156,000 at the Stack's Bowers sale, along with a superb prooflike “1789” (ca. 1792) Washington Born Virginia copper from the Garrett and Partrick collections that sold for $57,600. A PCGS AU-50 1776 Continental dollar (Newman 1-c Pewter “CURENCY”) sold for $44,400, a grade record.

Rarities Night at the Official Spring Expo Auction saw record prices and results. An 1879 Indian Head cent PCGS MS-67 RD sold for $22,800, breaking the date's record. The late 19th-century James Allaire Millholland Collection of proof and business strike 18th and 19th-century U.S. coins was featured in the Rarities Night session and main catalog. A $52,800 1803 Draped Bust silver dollar from this cabinet broke the MS-61 record by 40%.

Much of the collection had stunning toning and quality, with record values for a PF-66 (PCGS) 1860 Seated Liberty dollar at $28,800, a PF-67 1891 Morgan dollar at $22,800, and a PF-65 Cameo 1873 Trade dollar at $26,400.

An 1861 $3 gold coin in PCGS MS-64 sold for $36,000, nearly doubling the grade record. An 1886 PF-67 Deep Cameo (PCGS) double eagle sold for $468,000, more than 50% over the previous record, while a PF-66+ CAC eagle sold for $264,000. Two gold commemoratives from the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition set new price records: an MS-67+ (PCGS) gold dollar sold for $21,600 and a quarter eagle sold for $26,400.

Stack's Bowers Galleries' fourth Independent Fairmont Collection coin collection was released. In another great auction, the CAG Set of $5, $10, and $20 gold coins sold for over $3.4 million. An 1866-S No Motto double eagle, graded AU-58 (PCGS, CAC), sold for $114,000, followed by five Carson City doubles that sold for over $50,000.

A special session of the Stack's Bowers Galleries auction sold approximately $680,000 in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency coins, breaking a record for the most lucrative live crypto coin auction and resulting in average bids near 200 percent of face value. A 2012 Casascius 1 Bitcoin. Firstbits 1CSFguKQ in brass sold for $60,000 (almost double its face value) and a silver 2013 0.1 Bitcoin sold for $13,200 (nearly five times premium) and set a new record for the kind.

The Mid-Continent Collection of Gem Colonial, Continental, and Small Size US money dominated the Spring 2023 Expo Auction. Both a 1928 $500 (Fr. 2407) rated PMG Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ and a 1928 $100 (Fr. 2405) graded 66 EPQ sold for $216,000 and $192,000, respectively, above their pre-sale high predictions. An 1861 $5 Demand Note (Fr. 2) graded Gem Uncirculated 65 EPQ by PMG sold for $408,000 and a 1934 $5,000 Federal Reserve Note from Dallas (Fr. 2221-K) sold for $174,000.