1880 Stella Gold $4: Coiled Hair

The 1880 Coiled Hair Stella Gold $4 is a rare and highly coveted coin with a fascinating history. Here are key details about this particular coin: 1. 

Design: – The obverse (front) of the coin features a representation of Liberty with her hair coiled, wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY." The date "1880" is placed below the bust.

1. The reverse (back) typically displays a large star with the inscriptions "ONE STELLA" and "FOUR DOL." representing the denomination.  

Coiled Hair Variety: – The Coiled Hair variety refers to the unique hairstyle depicted on Liberty's head. This particular design is distinct from the Flowing Hair and Flowing Hair with Headband varieties of the Stella.

Stella Gold $4: – The Stella is a pattern coin, meaning it was minted as an experimental or trial piece. It was intended as a proposal for a potential international trade coin with a face value of $4.

Mintage: – The mintage for Stella Gold $4 coins is extremely limited, and the Coiled Hair variety is particularly scarce.

Historical Context: – The Stella was proposed by John A. Kasson, a U.S. Mint official, as part of an effort to create a universal coin for international trade.

In the world of numismatics, the 1943 copper quarter is a legendary coin with a history that runs back to World War II. For the sake of preserving copper for the war effort, quarters were constructed during this time period using a silver composition.

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