One Last Chance to Drive a Classic Car

The 1967 Chevy Corvette, 1975 BMW 3.0 CSL, and pre-1974 Porsche 911 are notable cars. They are iconic, accessible museum cars you want to drive. Most of these automotive classics can be driven with a little creativity. The ones worth hunting are listed here.

Enzo Ferrari called the 1960s Jaguar E-Type "the most beautiful car ever made". "If you only drive one car from this list, this is it," says McKeel Hagerty CEO. Best British drivers stop and run over 150 mph. Drive Jaguars at Kenilworth's Jaguar Heritage Driving Experience.

America's favorite muscle vehicle is Corvette. "The most iconic American car ever made," says Sports Car Market publisher Keith Martin of the 1963–1967 second generation. "It's still breathtaking and fresh today." The U.S. has many early Corvettes at auctions, collector vehicle stores, and

A sleek mid-engine speedster designed to challenge Ferrari in 1966, the Miura is the prettiest automobile ever. "Piloting the Miura transcends driving experience to become a life experience," says Hagerty.

If the sound of six carburetors feeding a thirsty, vibrating V-12 moored right behind your head isn't enough, it's also arguably the most beautiful car ever produced." By Lamborghini Club America, RM Sotheby's, or Gooding & Co. Before autos are released, they know.

Porsche 911s were classics before 1974. "There's magic in early 911," adds Hagerty. "It's an amazingly well-built machine that delivers one of the most honest driving experiences of any sports car ever built." First-generation 911s are powerful and trackable. A mint one is available.

Aston Martin's DB4 is a legendary workhorse. "The DB4 is a thoroughbred that never gets flustered," adds Hagerty. "I'd drive one cross-country. Not surprisingly, James Bond preferred the derivative DB5. The cars are scarce, so if you want one,

Alternative culture icon VW Driving Beetles is simple and fun. "Besides the easy driving experience, the Beetle's friendly exterior attracts people no matter where you're driving, and it seems everyone has their own Beetle story to share," adds Hagerty. "This is not the car to buy if you're shy."

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