In deleted post, ex-Seahawk Irvin slams Wright joining 49ers' staff.

The 49ers and Seahawks have a well-known and intense rivalry in the NFL. When these two teams meet in the NFC West or the playoffs, it's always a show-stopping affair.

A large portion of Seattle's fan base and organization is dissatisfied with K.J. Wright's decision to join the San Francisco 49ers as an assistant linebackers coach and defensive quality control coach for such reasons.

Bruce Irvin, a longtime Seahawks teammate of Wright's, is especially displeased; he posted an anti-49ers rant on X, the old Twitter, which has since been removed.

"Terrible!" Before erasing the tweet, Irvin wrote. Those dreaded niners! In my absolute lifetime, I will never again collaborate with that city! Lifelong opportunities!"

As founding members of Seattle's Legion of Boom, Irvin and Wright helped the Seahawks win Super Bowl XLVIII in 2014 against the Broncos, the only Vince Lombardi Trophy ever won by the team.

Although he removed his most recent post, Irvin had previously responded to a video of 49ers fan harassment during Super Bowl LVIII in February with a post expressing his animosity toward the 49ers.

San Francisco's 2024 NFL season meetings against Seattle will be even more thrilling now that Wright is a 49er.

Not to mention the rumored promotion of Nick Sorensen to the position of 49ers defensive coordinator; he was a Seahawks assistant with Wright and Irvin in Seattle.