HCI Group (HCI) Q4 Earnings: Key Metrics vs. Wall Street Estimates

Revenue for the quarter ending December 2023 at HCI Group (HCI) was $162.67 million, up 35.6% year-over-year. Compared to $0.06 a year before, the earnings per share for the same period were $3.22.

Surpassing the $146.09 million Zacks Consensus Estimate by 11.35%, the reported revenue is a pleasant surprise. The earnings per share (EPS) surprise was 128.37% higher than the consensus forecast of $1.41.

When deciding what to do next, investors look at how a company's revenue and earnings have changed from year to year and how those statistics compare to Wall Street predictions. However, there are other important metrics that always show a better picture of the company's true success.

For a more accurate projection of a stock's price performance, investors can compare these measures to those from a year ago as well as to analysts' estimates, since they impact both top- and bottom-line performance.

According to the most popular measures tracked and predicted by Wall Street analysts, this is HCI Group's performance for the most recent quarter:

The net investment income came in at $10.34 million, which was more than the $9.55 million average expectation from the three analysts. An increase of 40.4% from the previous year is reflected in the stated figure.

Despite three experts estimating $1.24 million in policy fee income, the actual amount is $1.05 million. A year-over-year change of -4.2% is reflected in the reported figure.

Earned net premiums: $148.61M, above the $134.72M average forecast from three analysts. There was a change of 40.3% from the previous year, according to the stated figure. Other: $0.24 million, lower than the $0.62 million average expectation from three analysts. There was a change of 83% from the previous year to the reported amount.