Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis and Trump 2020 election judge draw primary challengers. (Part-2)

Wise Smith told reporters, “we’re going to see how things go over these next couple of weeks and then we’ll make a call.” “Ultimately I want what’s best for Fulton County citizens,” he stated. “When the time is right, my team and I will make the right decision and be ready to launch.”

On Friday, Kramer told state Capitol reporters that Willis' district attorney's office “has been a complete disgrace” and “a clown show.” Willis was accused of “using her office for political reasons,” citing the Trump indictment for her run.

The resources that were used for that investigation could have been used for many other things that would have been much more beneficial for Fulton County citizens, and I want to give them a voice, an opportunity to vote for somebody else,” she added.

Willis will be tough to beat in overwhelmingly Democratic Fulton County due to his name recognition and large campaign account. By next week, her district attorney career will reach a turning point. McAfee intends to rule on her election case ouster then.

Republican Gov. Brian Kemp appointed McAfee to fill a seat on the bench a year ago. He previously worked as a federal and state prosecutor. He was unknown until being randomly selected for the election case, but his even-keeled handling of the complex topic has garnered plaudits.

His campaign website lists his priorities as removing the COVID-19 epidemic backlog, helping nonviolent criminals, and keeping dangerous offenders accountable. He promises to continue live-streaming legal sessions on YouTube for openness.

By email, McAfee said he hopes to demonstrate voters that “my track record shows I am the best candidate to provide Fulton County with efficient, unbiased, and nonpartisan application of the law

Patillo said his campaign is based on “competency, compassion and change.” Challenge the “prosecutor-to-the-bench pipeline” and assure “an equitable system that is interested in actually getting to the truth and not just having plea deals and moving cases along.”

He said he challenged McAfee for no personal reason related to the election matter. He weighed the fact that McAfee was not elected and had only been on the bench briefly. Another McAfee competitor, Johnson, did not answer Friday to a request for comment via her campaign email.