Does yogurt lower diabetes risk? FDA says may.

FDA said food companies can advertise that consuming yogurt may cut Type 2 diabetes risk without objection.

The ruling followed a 2018 Dannon, Activia, Wallaby Organic, and Danone North America petition. Danone's Type 2 diabetes-prevention yogurt was in question with FDA.

the FDA said it would not challenge the claim under specific conditions. It reminded consumers that data is limited and that two cups (three servings) of yogurt per week lowers Type 2 diabetes risk.

Danone filed FDA “qualified health claims”. Companies seek FDA-approved terms to avoid fraud charges.Danone's petition noted yogurt's protein, vitamin, and low-salt content and research linking regular yogurt consumption to a lower risk of diabetes and related diseases.

FDA says petition proves yogurt's health benefits as a fat- and sugar-free meal, not a vitamin or chemical.  Naturally, yogurt fat and sugar differ. Due to sugar and calories, CDC advises against flavored yogurts. High added sugar intake has long been linked to type 2 diabetes.

A 2022 study indicated yogurt “may offer protection against the development” of Type 2 diabetes.The Mediterranean diet includes yogurt, fresh produce, whole grains, olive oil, and fish.

A 2020 study found the diet significantly reduced Type 2 diabetes risk. The 2016 study showed no link between dairy and illness.

Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Danone's appeal advisor, said the FDA's decision is acceptable “given the growing evidence for health benefits of fermented yogurt in particular.”

Food cannot heal, according to Tufts University's Food as Medicine Institute president Mozaffarian.Now that food is medicine and can treat or cure disease, the food industry and FDA are scared since there is no regulatory route there.

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