907 Saint Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle: Ultra High Relief - Lettered Edge - MCMVII

The 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime without arrows is a notable and collectible coin in American numismatics.

It appears there may be a typographical error in the date you provided (907), as the Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagles were not minted in that year.

Ultra High Relief: The 1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle is renowned for its exceptionally detailed and sculpted design. The original vision of sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens aimed for a coin with ultra-high relief, creating a three-dimensional appearance.

Letter Edge: The edge of the coin is lettered with the motto "E PLURIBUS UNUM" and the coin's denomination "TWENTY DOLLARS."

MCMVII: The Roman numerals "MCMVII" on the coin represent the year 1907.

The 1907 Ultra High Relief Double Eagle is considered a numismatic masterpiece and is highly sought after by collectors.

If you have a Saint-Gaudens Gold $20 Double Eagle from 1907 with Ultra High Relief, Lettered Edge, and the Roman numeral date "MCMVII," it would be a significant and valuable piece.

It's advisable to have such a coin authenticated and appraised by reputable numismatists or professional grading services to ensure its authenticity and determine its condition and market value accurately.

The 1907 Ultra High Relief Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle holds a special place in the history of American coinage, representing a collaboration between renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens and President Theodore Roosevelt.

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