7 More Rare Gems Worth $1,200+

The field of numismatics is replete with such jewels, some of which may bring more than $1,200 owing to their rarity, historical relevance, and condition.

This coin, which was manufactured by the United States Mint during the beginning of the California Gold Rush, was one of the first twenty dollar gold pieces ever minted.

A significant time in the history of the United States' monetary system is represented by this coin, which is valuable to collectors not just because of its rarity but also because of its historical relevance.

When it is in excellent condition, it is possible for it to easily exceed the $1,200 mark, and the prices of the greatest specimens may potentially go into the millions of dollars.

It is not difficult for this coin to surpass the barrier of $1,200 if it is in excellent shape, particularly if it maintains fine features and shows just moderate wear.

It is noteworthy that the Flowing Hair Silver Dollar, which was coined in 1794, is one of the earliest silver dollars to be produced by the United States Department of the Treasury.

With just 100,000 coins struck, the 1893-S Morgan Dollar, which is sometimes referred to as the "king of Morgan Dollars," has the lowest mintage of any denomination in the whole series.

These coins, if they are in pristine condition, have the potential to price well over $1,200, making them interesting to current coin collectors as well as those who are interested in unusual promotional things.

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