1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime: No Arrows

The 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dime without arrows is a notable and collectible coin in American numismatics.

In 1873, the United States Mint made changes to the design of certain denominations, including the Seated Liberty Dime.

The arrows at the date were added to denote a weight change mandated by the Coinage Act of 1873.

However, due to delays in implementing the changes, a limited number of 1873-CC Seated Liberty Dimes were struck without arrows.

These coins are highly sought after by collectors due to their historical significance and relative rarity.

No Arrows at the Date: The absence of arrows flanking the date on the obverse distinguishes the "No Arrows" variety.

Carson City Mint Mark (CC): The presence of the "CC" mint mark denotes that the coin was struck at the Carson City Mint in Nevada. Coins from the Carson City Mint are generally desirable among collectors.

These dimes are significant not only for their connection to a transitional period in coinage but also because the Carson City Mint produced relatively fewer coins compared to other mint facilities, adding to their scarcity.

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