1870-S Indian Princess Head Gold $3: Unique

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, there is no documented case of an 1870-S Indian Princess Head Gold $3 coin.

The Indian Princess Head $3 gold coin series was produced from 1854 to 1889, and each year typically saw limited mintages. However, the 1870-S issue specifically is not recognized as having been minted.

If you believe you have come across an 1870-S Indian Princess Head Gold $3 coin, it would be crucial to have the coin authenticated and appraised by reputable numismatic experts.

Unique or previously unknown coins can attract significant attention from the numismatic community, and experts can help verify its authenticity and provide insights into its historical significance.

Consider reaching out to professional grading services and reputable coin dealers or auction houses for a thorough evaluation.

If such a coin were to exist, it would likely be an extraordinary numismatic discovery, and its uniqueness could contribute significantly to its rarity and value.

It's important to stay updated with the latest numismatic research, publications, and auction records, as the field is dynamic and new discoveries can reshape our understanding of coinage history.

If there have been developments or new findings since my last update, checking with current numismatic sources is advisable.

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