1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle

The 1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle is a notable coin in American numismatics.

The Coronet Head design, created by Mint Engraver Christian Gobrecht, features Lady Liberty wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY" on the obverse, while the reverse showcases a heraldic eagle.

The 1854-S issue is particularly significant because it was the first year of production for the San Francisco Mint. The "S" mintmark is found on the reverse of the coin, near the denomination.

The establishment of the San Francisco Mint was a response to the California Gold Rush, providing a facility for processing the substantial gold discoveries in the region.

As with many coins from the mid-19th century, the 1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle can vary in condition due to factors such as wear, handling, and preservation.

If you have an 1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle, it's recommended to have it authenticated and appraised by reputable numismatists or professional grading services.

These experts can assess its condition, provide information about any potential varieties or die characteristics, and offer insights into its historical context.

The 1854-S Half Eagle is a sought-after coin among collectors, given its historical significance as a product of the first year of operation for the San Francisco Mint.

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