1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle

The 1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle is a historic coin from the early years of the San Francisco Mint. Here are some key details about this coin:

Design: The obverse features the Coronet Head design with Liberty facing left, wearing a coronet inscribed with the word "LIBERTY." The reverse displays a heraldic eagle with a shield on its chest, holding arrows and an olive branch.

Mintage: The 1854-S Half Eagle had a relatively low mintage, making it a scarce coin. The San Francisco Mint, established in 1854, played a crucial role in processing gold from the California Gold Rush.

Composition: The coin is made of 90% gold and 10% copper, which was the standard composition for gold coins during that era.

Mintmark: The "S" mintmark indicates that the coin was struck at the San Francisco Mint.

As with many coins from the mid-19th century, the condition of the coin is a critical factor in determining its value.

Coins in better condition, known as higher grades, typically command higher prices in the numismatic market.

If you have an 1854-S Coronet Head Gold $5 Half Eagle, it is advisable to have it authenticated and graded by a reputable numismatic grading service. The grade assigned to the coin will not only indicate its condition but also influence its market value.

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