1808 Capped Bust Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle

The 1808 Capped Bust Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle is a historic and collectible coin from the early years of the United States Mint.

Designed by John Reich, the Capped Bust Quarter Eagle features Liberty wearing a cap on the obverse and a heraldic eagle on the reverse.

Design: The obverse features Liberty facing left with a Phrygian cap, and the reverse depicts a heraldic eagle with a shield on its chest.

Composition: The coin is made of gold, with a fineness of 91.67% (22-karat gold) and a weight of 4.37 grams.

Mintage: The mintage of the 1808 Capped Bust Quarter Eagle is relatively low, reflecting the early period of coin production in the United States. Exact mintage

As with any coin from the early 19th century, the condition of the coin is a crucial factor in determining its value.

If you have an 1808 Capped Bust Gold $2.50 Quarter Eagle, it is recommended to have it authenticated and graded by a reputable numismatic grading service.

The grade assigned to the coin will provide an indication of its condition, and this, in turn, influences its market value.

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